Build concise knowledge with immersive web stories

Create bite-sized videos effortlessly
Share instantly without friction
Make your audience constantly engage

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Tell a story in minutes

Our intuitive web editor allows you to transfrom traditional videos by chunking into meaningful concise chapters and enhancing with interactive widgets in less then 10 minutes

Deliver optimised, mobile-first story format, powered by Google Web Stories

Copy Link to your target audience

Share to your social network audience, organization slack groups or any connected medium

Embed to your company site

Put the iframe code to your company internal site so your employees can access easily

Network in our mobile application

You can choose to share your stories to a public feed that will be served to a public mobile audience (BETA)

Discover via Google Web Stories

Enable discovery of your stories in users’ Google surfaces, like Search and Discover

Why do I need Quinvio?

you are an independent creator who wants to provide better storytelling with additional interactive capabilities that can help your content spread easily

you are part of an oganization that needs to build a
knowledge-base of short videos, story-document many processes so you can save time and build more empathy for your employees

you are a media publisher and you want to engage your audience in a compact narrative format utilising Google web stories that will lead your content to better SEO and less bounce rates

About the product

Present with some style

Focus on the quality of the content with minimal effort on presentation aesthetics.
Build your personal or organization branding templates easily, and use it as a common language to communicate your ideas.

Build knowledge together

Elaborate with your peers, friends or public on a topic, bringing the best of each one’s knowledge into atomic deliverable pieces to build a graph of knowledge

Trace back what you already noted

What takes you as a creator minutes to produce, needs your audience seconds to digest.
Quinvio's backtrack feature allows users to apply space learning techniques to the material they watch.

If you like to know more about how Quinvio works, feel free to book a 15 minutes meeting with the founders. We would be happy to explain you how can Quinvio fit your business needs.

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Whether you want to know more about how to integrate Quinvio in your stack, or you have some content in mind that you think you like to publish, please feel free to send us a message